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Busy Year

It’s been a busy year.  We started last June with the birth of our daughter.  Raising a child is exhausting no matter who you are, but when you are just beginning your journey as a parent in your mid to late 30’s, you are really in for a surprise.  I’ve already harped about how tired I have felt, so I won’t rehash that information, but I will say that it is still absolutely worth it.

My daughter has been awesome.  She was a pretty perfect baby for the first year.  She just turned one and is suddenly starting to act out a little.  On one hand, it’s pretty entertaining, especially considering how mellow and easy a child she was for the first year.  On the other hand, we are unfortunately delving further and further into the realm of punishment.  It’s a tough question for any parent.  Obviously, I don’t think a lot of mileage is available with physical punishment at this point.  Seems the current rage for toddlers is psychological warfare in which you shun the child or in some other way negatively reinforce bad behavior.  I’m not sure what we’ll ultimately do beyond just roll with the punches.  My current favorite is to just mega-hug her and kiss her on the cheeks until she forgets the evil she was about.  Not sure it’s working!

The last bit of news is that we bought a house last week.  I’ve been painting for about four days.  Not a fan, I must say.  It’s kind of like mowing the lawn–it offers measurable progress as the unpainted space visually shrinks much like the size of the uncut patch of lawn shrinks with the passing of the mower.  Neither chore offer but the briefest of satisfying moments when you are done.  Maybe that’s my fault; I may have some internal damage that prevents me from properly admiring interior design for longer than it takes to find the fridge in a room, and maybe I have some long dormant inner resentment to lawn mowing because I grew up cutting and baling hay in the Oklahoma heat.  Either way, I have a house that my wife wants painted and a lawn with no goat to eat it.  So I really have no choices.

I have an idea, a loose outline and a number of scenes for a Steampunk novel or series.  I think I could write it as a YA novel much like I could with the wizard detective.  I don’t know for sure, but I think it will probably be an adult novel if/when I write it.  There are a number of elements that would really make the story better that will require language and situations that I don’t think will fly in YA.  Maybe I can work around that, but I don’t want to try to force it one direction or the other.  Regardless, that’s what I’m currently working on.

We are cutting the cable with the new house.  Only internet, which still allows plenty of streaming media, but both my wife and I hope that less accessible TV will make for more reading and writing.  Plus the house has an office just off the main room, so we can do our own thing at times while still taking care of our daughter and talking with each other.  Should be nice.


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