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Heat – a haiku

It’s April and it’s supposed to be in the 90s today. Thought I’d write about it before it hits, and I get too whiney. Spring is my favorite time. I’m not prepared for Summer to steal it from me. Hopefully this is just another Oklahoma weather oddity that passes through.

No winter forestalled,
The coming of summer heat.
It has conquered spring.

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Springtime Poem Revision

I had a chance to revise the Springtime poem from the earlier post.  I cleaned it up some and tried to make it more personal in the perspective.  I think it is a little closer to an experience in time rather than a description of a repetitive occurrence, which is where I want to take it.  The language is pretty simple for much of it, but I’m fine with that for now, as I wanted to make the story or event more concise before I worry about the verbiage.  Hopefully, the next draft will be tighter and more “poetic,” if that’s even something I should strive for.

Moisture clogs the air, dense and warm,
Clings to it like a robe.
I can feel it on my skin,
Inducing sweat from my pores.
I can feel it in my lungs.
Ever so much harder to breathe,
I draw it in and push it out,
Laboring just a fraction more
As I pull at the thickened air.
I can taste the spring in its thickness.
Fresh pollen and dust, microscopic motes
Swim in each tiny drop, trapped.

With flitting caress, the wind shifts.
It sidles steady one moment,
Only to shuffle and shift aside.
I feel the pressure mount,
As a wall of atmosphere presses
Insistently, bounding southward.
Shoving aside that gentle wind,
It buffets me stiff and chill,
Running stark, dry fingers
Through the heavy bank of warm air.
I can feel it expand around me,
Turgid and impassive,
As it muscles it way beneath that heavy mass.

I feel the passing of transient warmth,
As it succumbs to turbulent and chill,
Drop by drop, molecule by molecule,
Clouds ascend, bouncing and breaking light,
Showering the earth in sparkling brilliance.
I watch them climb and marvel,
Even as I shy away from the sudden cold.
I watch them grow fat and black,
As the billowing mass begins to pull
At the light, and the very air.

I picture the drops growing fat,
As the crash and tumble into others,
An aery pool of water in flight,
Bound by gravity, held aloft by turbulence.
Growing overlarge as they crash together,
Drops, fat and wet, pull to the earth.
Speeding, elongating they plummet
To the ultimate finality of their destruction.
I watch it all.
I feel the first fat wet drops,
As they crash into skin,
Moist with sweat born of the same warmth
That bred the rain and feeds the spring.

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