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Spring Time Inspiration

It started raining yesterday, and it only just stopped, temporarily, a short while ago.  I’m a couple of days early, but it’s hard to not think of Spring when it rains like this–heavy and long.  I got inspired to write, so I wrote another haiku.

Minuscule tapping,
Pattering on the windows,
Spring’s first rain singing.

I’ve only written a few haiku so far, but I already know that I’m wildly uncertain as to what constitutes a good haiku.  The one above has meaning for me.  It captured my feelings at the time of the first real rain we’ve had in some time.  It’s difficult however to step out of my personal experience and evaluate this poem from the perspective of what it might be for another person.  I’ll try to look into that.  First and foremost, I need to read and study more haiku.  Maybe I, unbeknownst to me, write the greatest and most effortless haiku of anyone anywhere.  More likely, I’m missing some important point, or maybe even “the” point.  I’ll try to let you know if I figure it out.

Along the same lines, I also did a little writing exercise.  I just wrote some free verse and didn’t even go back to reread it.  I know that it starts being about me and my feelings during the rain, but quickly becomes about the dynamics of rain and further about the life cycle of water in the environment.  It will definitely have to change.  I will likely try to bring the focus back to myself or at least a person so that a reader can actually connect with it.  I’d like to use some of the images and dynamics, but they’ll have to be translated into something applicable to a person.  And lastly, I’ll need more complex language and structure.  This is overly simplistic, but it was just a writing exercise.

Moisture clogs the air, dense and warm,
Clings to it like a robe.
Almost immeasurably harder to breath,
I draw it in and push it out.
I can taste the spring in its thickness.
Fresh pollen and dust, microscopic motes
Swim in each tiny drop, trapped.
The wind changes.
It marches steady one moment
Only to halt and shuffle and shift side to side.
The front moves in and shoves it aside.
The wind driving it forth is stiff and chill,
Stark and dry it runs its fingers through
Banks of humid air.
I can feel it expand around me
As it muscles it way beneath that heavy mass.
It shoves the warms up and away.
Suddenly turbulent and chill,
Drop by drop, molecule by molecule,
Clouds ascend, bouncing and breaking light,
Showering the earth in sparkling brilliance.
Soon enough the billowing mass begins to pull
At the light, and the very air.
What was once dense becomes heavy
An aery pool of water in flight,
Bound by gravity and tossed by turbulence.
Growing overlarge as they are smashed together,
Drops fat and wet pull to the earth.
Speeding, elongating they plummet
To the ultimate finality of their destruction.
Only destruction is temporary.
Rebirth takes some many forms.
New growth, new rain, new water.
It never dies, only changes.

I think there is some potential.  I’ll try to pull together a structured draft with more direction and see how it goes.


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Another Haiku

Here is another haiku attempt.

Breaking on the rocks,
Foaming seas moan deep and low,
Restless, mournful soul

There are so many approaches to creating haiku.  I think I’ll have to really work to find my voice.


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