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Well, I’m in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle.  I’m writing more content for the blog, specifically a couple of exercises and another Early Dawn draft.  I think I’ll try to finish the next part of the Magic Murder Mystery as I call it to myself.  I just need to pull it together and post it, which is where a lot of my work sits.  As much as I’d like to just write it out and post it as a draft, I have to do at least a little bit of editing, or it makes me crazy.  I’ve at least gotten to the point that I can actually write a draft and start a new one rather than continually editing the first draft down to the final.

I’ve also been working on a novel I have had going for a while.  I have an outline and chapter notes/descriptions/synopses but I’ve only written three or four of the chapters out.  I’m trying to get that information and content organized.  To facilitate that, I’m trying out yWriter5 from  It’s a highly organizational writing software with options for adding almost any kind of content.  It also has a number of options for exporting the work or notes or the outline.  It’s very robust.  I’m enjoying my experience so far, but I’m only a little way into it.

Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have another post or two.  I’ve got a project at work I’m trying to move forward, so I’ve been focused on that.  I should find some time in the evenings to at least do some exercises.


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