Willful Deception Exercise

This is an exercise I did to get some words down and see where it leads.  Most of the time, I have an idea or theme that I will follow closely trying to write a more polished first draft for a poem such as with Old Age.  In this case, however, I had the first phrase, which I’d thought of and written down in a notebook at some point.  Since it was just a turn of phrase that occurred to me rather than a specific idea, I started with it and just let my mind wander for a bit to see what all I could put down fairly quickly.  It’s low-grade poetic brainstorming, but just looking at this, I can see some potential for themes or even some verse that might be fodder for a similar exercise.

The willful deception of my heart sustains me,
Awash with emotions I desperately try to subdue.
Unbending forms force their structure on me
So tense–coiled and compressed

Brutish but subtle such as it were,
I feed my anguish into its maw.
Tirelessly constructing pathways;
Drowning naivete with ever more complex machinations

Unknowable fears course through me
Blanketing me in cold separation
Alone in stasis
Without direction or recourse

Twilight landscapes devoid of depth and color
Stark surroundings bind me motionless
Hunkered down . . . fetal . . . wallowing
Effusive sadness permeates everything.

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