Old Age – Rethinking and Ideas

I had actually written the original three drafts over a few day a while back.  I posted those and used that as a reason to look at the poem with fresh eyes.  I thought I’d try to rethink the work and see if any new perspective came to me.  These stanzas are a bit of that.  I’ll probably try to do another one or two “rewrites” and then work it together if any new material works better for me.

Honored for longevity with proximity
They natter on and on
So much to tell,
Spanning days and weeks and years

Occassionally, they break his reverie
Inject the rhetorical
pat him on the leg and speak too loudly
It’s an unintented affront

He nods and smiles
Affirmations are so important to them
Memory is dear to him
He walks the shadowed lanes of the past

So difficult to separate the sensations
So much emotion ties to thoughts
He bound so much love and passion
To a past he desperately clings to.

All used up
Yet hopeful.

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